Traders We Trust

When you are looking for a tradesman - it's always good to find someone recommended

If you are a tradesman and would like your name listed here, please contact us to discuss & if you are a member and you can recommend a good tradesman - please email us their details and we will post it.

When you contact these tradesmen, always tell them that you found them on the Shirtone Properties website.


 Electrician: Tony Sparks Electrics: Based in Newport, covers Newport, Telford and surrounding areas:
 website:  email:  07477 629554, 01952 912219

Building work: K&A Building and Landscaping: All aspects of building work, both inside and out:
  07971 391736

Cleaning: Spick & Span Cleaning Services: Houses cleaned, on a regular basis, or one off deep clean:
email:  07871 433883

Heating service, installation and repair (& Gas Certs): Dean Rozier, Telford:
07850 280212

Heating service, installation and repair (& Gas Certs): Pilot Heat: Stafford Park, Telford:
website:  01952 503887


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